Capabilities & Services

AGMET’s services that contribute to product stewardship are vast, providing a full-system approach to sustainable resource management from beginning to end. Rely on AGMET to reduce, reclaim and resell metal-bearing by-products through a proprietary process and a global network of organizations committed to responsibly caring for the Earth’s resources, allowing virtually no waste to enter landfills.

AGMET specializes in the recycling of by-products containing nickel, cobalt, copper, zinc or tin and the environmental management of F006 Nickel, copper, tin and precious metal filter cakes, spent catalysts, solutions, sludges, residues and grindings. In fact, AGMET has been granted a unique Variance by the EPA for its classification as a waste recycler that is able to recycle plating by-products that would have otherwise ended up in hazardous waste landfills.


Freight Services

Materials may be sent to AGMET via vans, flatbeds, roll-offs or tanker, and rail cars. AGMET will help arrange for pick-up in most cases. Milk runs may be utilized when applicable.


Contact our technical experts

When you partner with AGMET, you are gaining access to a specialized team of uniquely qualified engineers with deep experience in materials management and industrial waste recycling. Contact us for expert solutions to maximize your process efficiencies and return on investment.