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Fat and Oil Producers Partner with AGMET for Sustainable Results

At AGMET, we work with fat and edible oil producers to recover value from their industrial by-products and improve their bottom lines – all while improving the environment by keeping perceived wastes from entering landfills.

Our commitment to your organization begins with helping you develop efficient processes, and we partner with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting customer relationships that yield optimal returns on investments, while facilitating sustainable practices and sustainable results.

For fat and oil producers, we receive spent catalyst in bulk, drums and super-sacks. Roll-off boxes can be located at your facility for easy loading and improved efficiencies. When you partner with AGMET, you are gaining access to a specialized team of uniquely qualified engineers with deep experience in materials management and industrial waste recycling.

Contact us for expert solutions to maximize your return on investment.

Risk Mitigation

AGMET understands the risks associated with managing industrial by-products. Each day we prove one company’s by-product can be safely and cost-effectively transformed into another company's product.

Some of the benefits we provide to your company include:

  • Understanding regulatory status and EPA requirements
  • Developing thorough material profiles and accurate records
  • Determining value
  • Assisting with proper labeling, shipping
  • Handling and processing of materials

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